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The Chic Chief of Curvylish

Jhoana M. Co — CEO, Curvylish Boutique Philippines

Let’s talk about the head behind Curvylish, Miss Jhoana Co. So how did a petite Chinay get to support plus size women’s fashion? Simple! She’s an extreme fan girl of curves. Back when the trend focused on slim girls and obsessed over that Barbie figure, she adored every plum girl she knew, even that stranger who passed by her during her school break time.

Plus, just like every painful story we hear or watch about, Jhoana struggled as well. From being criticized for her life decisions, looked down on for not getting that degree, to handling the responsibility of being a single mom, and dealing with financial problems too. But as we all know, you can’t stop the sun from shining! This woman was built for war, she was made to win battles.

Over time this humble businesswoman was able to turn the thing she loved into a career and little did she know, she started empowering plus-size women through her clothing boutique. Walking for hours, visiting every ukay store, going through piles of clothes, meticulously checking every item’s design and quality, then ends up picking only 6-8 pieces out of hundreds. Yes! That’s how attentive she is with details. Driven by the awareness that many retailers make plus-size clothes that are not complimentary or just plain boring.

Eight years and 111 collections later, Curvylish is still going. She stayed in the plus size category to continuously offer high quality clothing collections that embodies a very effortless, feminine, and sophisticated style that can take a modern woman from day to night. As of 2021, she is back at it again with her new irresistibly gorgeous gown collection, all this can be viewed at her all new website — Curvylishboutique.com.