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15 Reasons Why Plus-size Women don’t care that you think they’re Big

According to this BuzzFeed article, there are 15 reasons why plus-size women don’t care that you think they’re big. Here the top reasons:

Image is from IMDB
Image is from IMDB

1. Because you don’t know us.
2. And you’re not our doctor.
3. Because you keep insinuating that we “shouldn’t” wear something based on our weight.
4. Because you keep going and going and…going.
5. Because seeing us eat a doughnut is not indicative of how we eat all the time.
6. Because we might actually be trying to lose weight, and you bringing attention to it doesn’t help.
7. Or because we may not be trying to lose weight after all.
8. Just because you don’t think we’re hot doesn’t mean we’re gonna change to fit your idea of beauty.
9. Because every time you say “But skinny people have it worse,” a baby penguin dies.
10. And because you say plus-size women being comfortable with their bodies “glorifies” obesity. Seriously, why do people feel the need to say this?
11. Because we don’t think you’re actually worried about us.
12. Because if you were actually worried about us, you would respect the fact that we get pissed off and hurt when you make comments about our weight.
13. Because it’s so easy to say that we’re being oversensitive or if we’re upset about people’s comments, we should just “lose the weight.”
14. Because while you’re spending time judging us and our “lifestyle,” we’re busy just living our lives.
15. And because our weight doesn’t define us — just like how our weight shouldn’t define how you perceive us.